​Hello, I'm Christine and my passion for the bengal breed started 15 years ago.  This adventure has introduced me to some of the nicest people from around the world. About me, I have been employed by Walgreens for 33 years as a Certified Senior Pharmacy Technician.  I have a great husband, three daughters, a son and six grandchildren. Life is good.

​Christine Spierling







We are a small cattery located in Kangley, two miles west of Streator, IL about 80 miles south west of Chicago.  Our cattery is register with ACFA, TICA and we are a member of The International Bengal Cat Society.  We offer top quality SBT bengals with excellent bloodlines, wild looks and a gentle temperament.  Our kittens are raised in our home with lots of socialization with people and other animals. 

We specialize in large exotic brown rosetted.

Our breeding cats have been carefully selected to pass on Gentle Loving Temperaments, High Contrast Markings, Good Bengal Type, Wild Faces, & lots of Glitter to our kittens. All kittens are hand raised indoors to ensure they are well adjusted and socialized to provide you with the ultimate pet! Because we are a small cattery, we do not have kittens available at all times, please inquire about availability and expected litter.


​Large eyes

Small ears

​Nice convex profile​​

Strong chin

Light background color

​Extra large horizontally aligned rosettes

​No bar ribbing

​Spotted front an back legs

White tummy

​Short tight pelt

Soft pelt

​Sprinkled with glitter

​Long, low set body

Short thick tail, carried low

​Wild walk

​Intelligent, sweet and interactive personality

​A large purr motor


We like the look of the Clouded Leopard with its nice large rosettes.  We are trying to create that look on our bengals.   See the picture below to see the direction of our breeding program.